recreate your pet in felt

Honor your pet’s life and memory with our 100% hand-crafted felt replicas. We create each replica with love and attention to detail, using high-quality materials.

Our Process

100% Hand Crafted

Our creations are 100% hand crafted. This takes time. Our process is outlined here, but can vary from pet to pet. 


Application Process

Fill out our application. This includes your desired size and submitting your pictures. The more pictures the better. This helps us learn more about your pet so we get it just right.


Choose your options

Choose what accessories you want for your pet. This can include a collar, display case, leash, bed, favorite toy etc. 


Pay Deposit

A deposit is required for every order. Once you have recieved a quote, you may pay your deposit to start your creation.


Let the creation begin

Each pet takes, on average, 40 hours and 480,000 needle pricks. This wont happen overnight. We will communicate with you through the process, and provide an estimated completion date. Check here to see the current estimated wait times.

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Current Wait Time


Pay your balance
and receive your pet!

You can pay your balance at any time during the process. Once the balance is paid, and your pet is complete, we will arrange a pickup time, or shipping that will safely get your pet to you. 

Every creation has a heart at the center, giving it life and love for years to come.

Our creations

Any pet can be recreated

Your pet is special to you. From ducks to dinosaurs, if you have a pet you love, we can recreate it in felt for you. Check out some examples.

480,000 Needle pricks, on average, per creation

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